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Antibacterial Blend 抗菌配方

Antibacterial Blend 抗菌配方

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Antibacterial Blend 抗菌配方 

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

5 ml

Product of Australia

成份 : 茶樹/檸檬/乳香/天竺葵/銀杉

注   意  : 由於有檸檬,有光毒性,用後 8 - 12 小時不要曬太陽;懷孕初期避免使用。

Ingredient : Tea Tree, Lemon, Frankincense, Geranium, Silver Fir

Intention : Due to the presence of Lemon, it is phototoxic, do not expose to the sun 8-12 hours after use; avoid using it in the early stages of pregnancy.

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