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Korean Organic Baby Clothes

B6a S75韓國 Ecoaile 有機棉淺卡其粗條(有手套和腳套)兩件套裝

B6a S75韓國 Ecoaile 有機棉淺卡其粗條(有手套和腳套)兩件套裝

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S75韓國 Ecoaile 有機棉淺卡其粗條(有手套和腳套)兩件套裝是韓國製正品,在韓國取得國家KC 認證,KPS 자율안전확인(KPS 自願性的安全確認,KPS Voluntary Safety Confirmation),並通過國際權威GOTS 和OCS 認證。







❌化學色料染制, 讓你的寶寶遠離濕疹,遠離毒害,給寶寶一個純淨無毒的成長環境, 100% 在韓國製造, 100% 採用GOTS和OCS認證的有機棉製造,

尺碼: 75 (6個月 - 12個月)

Newborn baby organic green stripe two pieces including mitt and bottle from Korean Ecoaile is Korea genuine, KC certification has obtained in Korea, KPS 자율 안전 확인 (KPS Voluntary Safety Confirmation), and through international GOTS and OCS certification authority . Free of heavy metals, non-fluorescent agents, formaldehyde-free, non-bleach, non-pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pigment dyed, let your baby away from eczema, poison away, give the baby a pure non-toxic environment for the growth of 100% manufactured in South Korea, with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and OCS manufacturing,

Size : 75 ( 6 Months to 12 Months)


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