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Lung Nourish Blend (Organic) 養肺配方 (有機)

Lung Nourish Blend (Organic) 養肺配方 (有機)

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Lung Nourish Blend (Organic) 養肺配方 (有機)

100% Organic Essential Oil Blend

5 ml

Product of Australia

情緒及精神上 : 味道清新略帶刺鼻,提神,改善因感冒的呼吸困難,強化精神系統,提升醒覺性,對付頭暈,頭痛,偏頭痛,壓力,憤怒,解憂鬱。

身體上 :  對肺部及呼吸系統特別有療效,提高免疫力,改善傷風感冒,殺菌,抗傳染,有助改善消化系統問題等等。

注   意  : 由於有檸檬,有光毒性,用後 8 - 12 小時不要曬太陽;懷孕初期避免使用。

成份 : 雪松 / 薄荷 / 檸檬 / 尤加利

Emotionally and mentally : The smell is fresh and slightly pungent, refreshing, improves breathing difficulties due to colds, strengthens the mental system, improves wakefulness, copes with dizziness, headaches, migraines, stress, anger, and relieves depression.

Physically : It is particularly effective for the lungs and respiratory system, improves immunity, improves colds and colds, sterilizes, fights infection, helps improve digestive system problems, and so on.

Intention : Due to the presence of Lemon, it is phototoxic, do not expose to the sun 8-12 hours after use; avoid using it in the early stages of pregnancy.

Ingredient : Cedarwood Atlas, Peppermint, Lemon, Eucalyptus

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