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Precipitation Blend (Organic) 心靈沈澱 (有機)

Precipitation Blend (Organic) 心靈沈澱 (有機)

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Precipitation Blend (Organic) 心靈沈澱 (有機)

100% Organic Essential Oil Blend

5 ml

Product of Australia

情緒及精神上 : 味道清新,令人開心,使情緒得以平衡,平衡中樞神經,改善神經緊張,不安,抗憂鬱及壓力改善失眠。

身體上 : 平衡消化系統,提高免疫力,對呼吸系統有幫助,改善傷風感冒,調理婦科問題等等。

注   意  :  由於有甜橙,有光毒性,用後 8 - 12 小時不要曬太陽;懷孕初期避免使用。

成份 : 甜橙 / 雪松 / 萊姆 / 佛手柑 / 乳香 / 依蘭 / 天竺葵

 Emotionally and mentally : The taste is fresh and happy, it balances the mood, balances the central nervous system, improves nervousness, anxiety, anti-depression and stress and improves insomnia.

Physically : Balances the digestive system, improves immunity, helps the respiratory system, improves colds, and regulates gynecological problems.

Ingredient : Orange Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Lime, Bergamot, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Geranium

Intention : Because of the Orange Sweet, it is phototoxic, so do not get in the sun 8-12 hours after use; avoid using it in the early pregnancy.

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