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Refreshed Blend 煥然一新

Refreshed Blend 煥然一新

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Refreshed Blend 煥然一新

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

5 ml

Product of Australia

情緒及精神上 : 味道新鮮及清新,給人煥然一新感覺,平靜,提升,改善失眠,舒緩憤怒,壓力,焦慮,憂鬱季節性情緒失調,有助重建友誼,強化精神系統,提升醒覺性。

身體上 :  對消化及婦科問題特別有療效,幫助消化,利肝,淨血,利尿,平衡荷爾蒙,舒緩更年期問題,刺激淋巴,改善血液循環,殺菌,排水,有助呼吸系統問題等等。

注   意  : 由於有西柚,有光毒性,用後 8 - 12 小時不要曬太陽;懷孕初期避免使用。

成份 :  西柚 / 苦橙葉 / 天竺葵 / 萊姆 / 紫羅蘭葉

Emotionally and mentally : The taste is fresh and refreshing, giving people a new feeling, calming, improving, improving insomnia, soothing anger, stress, anxiety, melancholic seasonal emotional disorder, helping to rebuild friendship, strengthening the mental system, and enhancing awareness.

Physically : It is especially effective for digestive and gynecological problems. It helps digestion, helps liver, purifies blood, diuresis, balances hormones, relieves menopausal problems, stimulates lymph, improves blood circulation, sterilizes, drains, helps respiratory problems, etc.

Intention : Due to the presence of Grapefruit, which is phototoxic, do not expose to the sun 8-12 hours after use; avoid using it in the early stages of pregnancy.

Ingredient : Grapefruit White, Petitgrain, Geranium, Lime, Violet Leaf


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